Wednesday, February 2, 2011

don't go back to work!

Gareth has had the last two weeks off work as he's starting a new job, I've got so used to having him around all day it's going to be weird when he goes back next week. Bubi & I will have to learn how to entertain ourselves all over again. We haven't done much in the great scheme of things but what we have amused ourselves with has been worthwhile & kinda special.

It has included


Bubi has become increasingly playful, Gareth is starting to enjoy this part as he's pretty good at being ridiculous. All shame is abandoned when trying to entertain a small child, it's hilarious. She seems to like anything that involves her tummy, Gareth puts socks on his ears & sniffs at her like a dog which she seems to find amusing, it's adorable. We tried out balloons yesterday, she just wanted to put them in her mouth, anything that stops her from crying is a bonus in my books.

Walks, alot of them:

We've moved to a really good part of town for where walking is concerned. We're 15 minutes away from what is called the "Coastal walkway". It's this walkway that had been developed along the coast & they continue to develop a bit at a time, it's pretty long now, I've never walked the entire thing in one sitting but the parts I have walked have been at least an hour. It's really pretty walking along with the sea. I was contrasting it to the walks we used to have in the city that involved traffic, noise & housing...and we used to enjoy those!
We also live by a Lake that we've walked around once, it's a man made lake that people like to Jet ski on. One thing we've noticed now that we're parents is the total lack of pram access to a lot of these places. Our little pram has become pretty off road lately, I'm sure it's not designed for that & we will probably live to regret it.
Bubi has decide that unless she's sleeping, she'd rather be sitting up & looking around in her pram. This is a bummer as the sun is usually out streaming on her face, I've tried to be inventive with wraps & the like. I've found a pair of "baby ban" sunglasses that I'm going to get this week & she can look cool as well as sun savvy.
Isobel has turned into the noisiest baby & it's not crying. The latest is a high pitched squeal that she seems to do whenever Gareth is playing his guitar. She also has a habit of waking up in the middle of the night & chatting away to herself for a while before going back to sleep. We can hear her in the bedroom next door & it's pretty hilarious. Gareth & I also fight over who gets her up in the morning as she squeals like crazy when we go into her room to get her. So cute!

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