Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playtime with Mummy

I've struggled with Playtime ever since Izzy was at the age where she was interacting more & needing to be stimulated. Feeding, Sleeping, Cuddling are all the easy bits in my opinion. Some days she has such a small concentration span that you're constantly having to pick up new toys in an attempt to keep her occupied. I think the key is to just let yourself go & roll with it. I find the best times are when I do something completely random (like pretend to fall asleep on the floor) & it gets her in fits of laughter or carry her around the room in the bean bag, things you didn't intend on being entertaining but suddenly are to a bub that is experiencing all this for the first time. This was one of these days...

She's found her feet! As soon as I put her on the ground the little feet go up & she rolls about holding them with her hands
Her little nappy bum looks so much cuter in Cloth diapers

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  1. She is no doubt the prettiest little bub!

  2. I loving ur blog Hanna , izzy n holly are like twin, holly went guzzle til I put her on solids, she doesn't have much, and I make them so cheap that way I made a months worth for like $8 :) I going try cloth nappies too:) love cassie