Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Good Friday

What to do on Good Friday when all the shops close & you have no money?
Make your way up to your local mountain & join everyone else in some bush trekking. I've been dying to do this since we moved to New Plymouth but life seemed to get in the way. We had no plans yesterday so we drove up to the National Park & took a little half hour track in the native bush. It was pretty cool, I'm a bit of a fan of NZ native bush. It's all mossy & wild, love it.
Bubs loved been in the frontpack checking everything out & making friends with all the other people out. It's getting kind of embarrassing now being accosted by lovely old ladies each time we go out. "She's gorgeous!", "OMG look at that smily little face" were just some of the things said in passing. I'm not sure what to say..."Oh yeah we know" seems a little arrogant. How can you help it when you have the cutest baby there is?

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