Monday, May 30, 2011

Hanging at home

Today was a good day. I'm really starting to appreciate & enjoy spending the entire day at home with Isobel. Rather than leaving her to it with her toys I've been spending a lot more time playing with her. This gets easier as she gets older. Sometimes she doesn't need this, I'll sit on the floor with her & she'll become so engrossed in one of her toys that she almost forgets I'm there...until I leave the room. It's like I'm on permanent radar with her, she'll look up just to watch where I go, if I leave the room & don't continue to talk to her she'll cry out just to make sure I'm still around. We had lunch at home with a friend and her little girl & a lady from Plunket came to see us but other than that & a kick walk to the mailbox we were happy to kick about on the floor, play with some wool & wait for Dad to come home before having a later than usual bedtime story.

I loved the early morning sun shining in on her face

A little bit of last minute craziness before she goes to bed, the blurred foot really says it all

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