Friday, May 6, 2011


I've been in a bit of a funk lately, the weather hasn't been that great & having Gareth unemployed has been hard. While I love having him home, it never really feels like the time is deserved when you're not working, it's a bit of a limbo I guess, when you're working the weekends feel so good & you go about getting so much done. You would think that having time off would be the same, but you end just sitting around pondering what to do & feeling pretty crap about yourself. On a good note, we have used this time to really think about what we'd like to do in life & Gareth has decided to have a total change in the job front & study. He's always looked into social work but hasn't really found the motivation to do it, until now. And, he has a job to tide him over until his studies start in July so things are looking good around here.
I've been pretty busy as well, Isobel has seemed to have taken on the role of Muse in terms of my creative side. I tend to do all things for her. I finally learn't how to Crochet properly so I've been pummeling through my wool supplies making little hats & all sorts for her.

And I seem to be winning in the op shopping lately. everytime I frequent my local I seem to come out with a ton of stuff for Isobel. (I've really got to start looking for clothes for me but kids thrifting is way more fun!)
My favourite yesterday; the handmade vintage playsuit with a cute cat on the front. Love it!
Have a good weekend everyone & Happy Mother's Day to all the mummy's out there

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