Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dad Dad time

Gareth finished tech on monday so we've been soaking up the "daddad" time before he has to work more over the holidays. We're feeling pretty good about our decision to study & he's going on to do more next year, study this year did mean ALOT of days without Dad as he had to study all week & work the weekends but we got through it. I try & keep busy with the little girl but I'm not going to lie, it did get hard & lonely sometimes.
Hopefully next year he'll have at least one day where we can do some family stuff....I really miss that sometimes. It's also nice for this mumma to get just a little break from the hurricane child occasionally...she's more exhausting than any job I've ever had!

I'm loving the weather at the moment, we've been trying to get on our bikes while it's nice. Yesterday we biked along the foreshore & had a coffee at one of the little caravan stands they have, Isobel had a fluffy...very cute.

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