Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I've never actually posted anything on my breastfeeding experience. I've been noticing a change in our BF relationship lately as Isobel gets older. It's become more for comfort rather than hunger & she has started wanting it a lot more than usual. This was concerning at first as I still had it in my mind that one weans at 12months (where did this come from?). So, I believed in my naive mind that she would be dropping her feeds now, maybe one in the morning & one in night around 12 months. I know that I could still do this but it would require a bit more pressure on my part & I don't think either of us is ready to give it all up just yet.
Our BF experience has mostly been an easy, natural & enjoyable ride. I never had any problems in the first few weeks & lately it's become a nice time to quieten down & relax amidst the non-stop action that a baby verging on toddler hood seems to involve. She hasn't yet reached that age when she'll cuddle just for the sake of cuddling; there are too many adventures to be had & sitting with Mum is BORING so breastfeeding is one way I can snuggle in & get a little cuddle before she pulls off & throws herself off the couch for another adventure.
I love the way she looks up at me & smiles or giggles if I tickle her. She'll dance sometimes & she always plays with my hair, or touches my face....It's these moments that I treasure the most because it won't last forever...soon enough she'll decide that she no longers wants to BF & it'll be sad, I know this.

We're reaching that stage when people comment on how big she is getting (too big for that!) & you have to start justifying your reasons for wanting to continue breastfeeding...I've had to really let go of caring about what people think about this, I have amazing support from my family who will continue to support me for a while yet (maybe not when Isobel is 5!) so I'm going to keep going until one of us aren't happy with the situation anymore...I'm not sure when this will be & I see no end in sight yet. This makes me happy.

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