Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping up 2012

A day late & not quite there but I'm going to have to wrap things up in order to start this year afresh. I'm proud of the photos I have begun to take, I feel I've grown a lot more & am starting to understand what it takes to take a good photo.
I'm looking forward to improving this year & really want to take 365 photos this year!


avoiding getting changed by Dadu, how can we be angry when you put that face on!


I swear you think we put these planks out just for you, you look like a gymnast navigating your way around, being very careful not to fall off.

"sink bathing"

I've found you here a few times now, makes it all the easier for you to get into all the toothpaste & whatever else I have carelessly left around

"baby spiders"

"compost diving"

I couldn't decide which I like most out of these three, the colours & light are so lovely. I think the third has stolen my heart.


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