Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inspiration comes from many things

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Being at home more than usual has meant I have started tapping back into the creative little bits and bobs that I so often ignored due to "lack of time" when working full time. This began with crafting & cooking but has now morphed into a full on affair with home decorating and interior design due to a few of my new friends; namely Sibella Court, "Your Home & Garden Magazine" & the Living Channel. At the present, I'm coming to the end of my life in Auckland as I know it & am about to embark on an adventure to Taranaki with my wonderful boyfriend Gareth, 2 cats & a soon to be newborn baby. Taranaki; not only because my family live there but because we both yearn for a life where we can afford our own home one day, we can grow our own veges & live in a region where a typical weekend out would involve tramping up the mountain, visiting the beach or parks, going on a random country drive, things that are all possible in the naki without spending a penny. We currently have no home or jobs when we make this move but this makes it all the more exciting but also makes my new obsession somewhat frustating as I can't put any of my ideas into fruition just yet.
I started a notebook of ideas around about a year ago, it currently houses websites & magazine articles of images/homes and people I found inspirational. One such lady being the awesome Sibella Court. I can't remember what magazine it was that I found an article on her manhattan loft apartment filled to the brim with personal treasures that she has incorporated into her overall interior design in such a creative, organised chaos. When I found out she had published a book; etcetera i will admit I was kind of excited. It wasn't until last week that I finally brought a copy & I spent the entire afternoon reading it from front to back. She has such an eye for design that is not totally out of reach for some of us & the advice she gives is invaluable. I have since dusted off the ole notebook & am going to start gathering ideas from all corners of this world we live in with the hope of one day being able to create my own living space that inspires those that come to visit.
If you want to be inspired visit her website www.thesocietyinc.com.au

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