Sunday, October 17, 2010

joining the baby club

Pic to the left: 4 days over due. At the time of writing this blog, I am a week over due. Come on little bubba!

I've been a little hestitant & a little cynical about talking about baby too much, baby-less friends & family behave as though they'd rather not hear about all the things that are happening & I've been a little scared of "the baby" consuming who I am. I don't want to be one of those mothers that loses my individuality & bores the hell out of everyone when talking about the latest "cute" thing my little one did. But who am I kidding? This is probably one of the greatest things I will achieve in my life time, it's always been a dream of mine & I can't wait to embark on the new adventure that having kids will no doubt bring. I have just been reading some great blogs on babies & this has inspired me to throw all caution to the wind & embrace my new life as a mama. (When that happens, only the baby knows at the moment)

Gareth & I have lived a pretty low key life thus far, we don't drink & party all that much & enjoy going for walks, visiting animals at the park, road trips & drinking coffee: all things that can be done when in the family way. I want to create a creative hub for my kidlets at home, a house where they can throw around some paint, get out the old craft box or play with daddy's musical instruments. Rather than shoo the little ones away when I'm sewing/baking or dad is recording music I want to include them in this & teach them things they can use later in life. And yeah, they may not want to do these things later in life and that will be their choice but if you don't create the kind of environment in which they can explore their creative & intellectual sides when they're young then they may not have any drive later in life. The plus side to this is that Mummy & daddy still get to enjoy all the things that make them unique & happy & won't be able to use the kids as an excuse when they haven't picked up a paintbrush or the guitar in a while.

God! Sorry for the rant, let it all out then didn't I.

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