Tuesday, November 23, 2010

insomniac bub

Lately we've been struggling with a little someone who doesn't seem to want to sleep during the day. You read so much conflicting advice about what is normal for babies, one such piece being that babies should be getting around 16hours sleep in the early days, what a joke! Isobel barely goes down for 3 hours during the day lately & I'll be the first to admit that it gets a little frustating. Showering & housework become quick jobs in the small window I have between putting Isobel down to when she cries, usually around 15-20minutes after. The most frustating part is the fact that she's clearly tired & half the time she will fall asleep on me...I'll then quietly get to the bedroom, swaddle & place her in the cot. She's still asleep when I creep out but suddenly after about 15 minutes something wakes Izzy & she's crying & wanting out.

We've tried all sorts of ways of settling her; singing/rocking/leaving her in the cot awake/rocking her in the crib/letting her "cry it out", but no way seems to work every time.

And then you get today, she went down for her nap in the morning without a fuss, woke for a feed & was asleep again an hour later, she then woke briefly only to fall back asleep & then had a brief nap in the evening.

The result: one happy baby that was content when we went for coffee at the local cafe & has been giving Mummy & Daddy huge smiles all day!

Tommorow will be another story!

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  1. Look at those gorgeous smiles!!! good luck with the sleeping - I have no advice for you there... xx