Thursday, November 11, 2010

where has time gone?

Before baby Isobel came along I had grand plans to enter the blogging world full time, however, it has now been a month since my beautiful daughter arrived & I haven't yet found the time to write one blog! I vow to end this silence now!

I've been reading a few mama blogs on this site I found "Top Mama Blogs" & I'm amazed at how often these Mums find the time to blog & not only that, they take these beautiful photos of their kids and are generally very inspiring.

My bubs has just decided to wake up from her nap so this blog is going to be cut short...someone just doesn't want to go down for a sleep today, she'd rather have snuggles with her nana, I don't blame her.

I'll just add for now that being a mum is amazing & I'm enjoying every moment of it.

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