Friday, February 11, 2011

one of those perfect days

Gareth started his new job this week so bubbles & I have been filling the time by ourselves, I must admit, it hasn't been too hard. With visits from family, walks & trips into town the days get filled pretty fast. Thursday night Gareth had to work later so I made one of my favourite dinners to take in for him.

Tomato & Basil Pasta

This is as easy as pie & a million people probably already have a variation of the same dish but I thought I'd write mine anyway

Bring a big pot of hot water & salt to the boil, throw in some penne pasta & cook until Al dente
While the pasta is cooking, chop up a couple of onions & a few cloves of garlic and fry unitl softened in a large frying pan.
I also chopped up a few mushrooms & fried those but you could use courgettes or any sort of vege that will soften easily & quickly on frying
Once they have softened, throw in abuot a cup of red wine, a couple of desert spoons of tomato paste & simmer on a low setting for a couple of minutes
Throw in a large can (800g)  of chopped tomatoes & some salt & pepper, set on a low setting & simmer for 5 minutes or so
Taste & if needed season again to your liking
Drain the pasta & mix with the sauce, roughly chop a large hadful of basil & stir it in.
Serve with crusty bread & butter or a nice salad.
Is extra good the extra good the next day cold or reheated!

Bubi helping mum cook....(or just looking cute)

Her favourite thing to do with dresses, pull them up over her head or chew on them. Pretty cute when she doesn't have a onsie on underneath & you can play with her little belly.

 Bubs & I then drove into Gareth's work & we found a little playground with shade to have dinner & a beer. Isobel is getting so good to take out on little missions like this now, she's happy just to play on a rug & watch the trees moving....or better yet if she has something to chew on!

We then left the car at G's work for him & walked home. It takes about an hour but we walk along the walkway that has been developed along the coast in our town so it's pretty spectacular when the weather is good. I expected bubs to sleep the entire time but she decided she wanted to stay awake & check out the views. Once home, we showered, fed & waited for dad to get home. Mum & Dad then treated themselves to icecream & the X files later on. Just one of those perfect days.

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