Monday, February 7, 2011

treasured baby items

The rain is pouring down today, bubs is chatting away to herself in bed so I thought I'd quickly update before she has enough and wants food! I thought I'd showcase one of my favourite baby items. I bought this Moses basket on trade me when I was only 8 weeks pregnant, ridiculous i know, but I was so excited about the whole thing & I saw this beautiful little basket & knew I had to have it. It was made in France & the previous owner was this eccentric professor type guy & family who lived in this massive mansion with creepers growing all over it & junk everywhere! I adore the patchwork fabric & ruffles, lovely colours and a bit olden dayish. It cost a bit & Gareth questioned what I'd use it for "Oh you know, sleeping & when I'm outside gardening/putting washing out etctetc".
The truth is I've hardly used it but I adore it and that's all that matters. Yesterday I did in fact take Isobel out while putting washing out, however, she seems a little disturbed now because of the lack of space!

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