Sunday, February 13, 2011

Some rules for myself to be made

I realised today that I may be getting a little too addicted to blogging, I popped bubs down on the floor & thought to myself; "I'll just quickly check how my blog is doing"...two minutes later & I've found two new favourites:

PhotobucketThe Paper Mama

I turn to check on bubs & she's sleeping on the floor! That's a first for her & while it looked cute I couldn't help thinking what a bad mummy I was for letting her get to the point where she puts herself to sleep on the floor.

So, I've made myself a guideline:

Blogging only once a day & only while bubs is asleep

I also have a ton of things I wanted to get done today so I better get cracking while she's still asleep:

1: Finish her where the wild things are paintings (photos to come when fin)

2: Tidy the house in preparation for my coffee group tommorow

3: Fix our beanbag (balls are going everywhere, lucky I don't have a crawling baby yet)

4: Bake a cake for tommorow as well as biscuits & frittata for Gareth & I's lunches

5: Go for a walk


  1. "I'll just quickly check how my blog is doing".
    I say that too often. Breastfeeding and naps seem to be my blogging time.

  2. I know! Checking comments & stats gets a little bit addictive. I've tried blogging while breastfeeding while blogging but it doesn't seem to go to well, any tips?