Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Burrday Gareth

My two loves
Well, today my darling Gareth turns *cough *cough 28. He thinks that's quite old & will probably kill me for blogging it! Haha it's my blog, I will do as I will.
Gareth & I have a classic story, we met years ago when we worked together. At the time, Gareth had a girlfriend & I was a young, partying idiot so we both denied there was any attraction. Everyone knew otherwise & laughed when we both claimed to hate each other. We bickered constantly at work & bitched about each other to everyone else. I eventually left to live in the States & from there we lost contact for a few years. Gareth broke it off with his partner & also moved to America for a bit.
And then the planets aligned...or whatever it is that makes things happen, I randomly thought about Gareth one day, gave him a text, met him for drinks & the chemistry was all on.
We didn't muck around, a few months later I was pregnant with Isobel & now we're living a nice, quiet little life in my hometown.
We know we've found the right person for each other, it just took a few years for us to figure that out. I believe that we were always going to end up with each other we just had to go off & live a bit, sort our crap out & meet again later in life when we were ready to settle down.
You're my best friend & the love of my life. I love watching you become the greatest Dad to Isobel, your love for her blows me away sometimes. Thank you for going off every day & working your butt off to provide a home for us & allow me to stay at home & bring up our daughter.
Happy Birthday Gareth
I love you.

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