Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stay like this forever

It's been a week of first milestones in our house & it scares me how fast Isobel is growing up. Every week, day, hour, minute she is doing something new & developing in wonderful ways that is awesome to watch. However, for every new development she also loses a little part of that tiny baby that I gave birth to ONLY five months ago. I mourn the loss of the little newborn that spent the most part of her first three months on my boob or snuggling into my shoulder but I'm loving every moment of watching her grow into the gorgeous little child she is becoming.
This week she experienced the tastes of human food for the first time & is LOVING it. She's tasted rice cereal, carrots & apple. I couldn't believe how she opened her mouth immediately & just ate it up as though she had done it before.

Gareth is convinced that she was a baby in her past life as she's seems so at ease with everything we throw at her. Like she's done it all before. Amazing.

AAAAND today, well I found her first tooth. It came through sometime in the last day & I only found it because she was fishing around in her mouth with my finger this morning. (That sounds weird, sorry.)
There was no fever, no grumpiness, no sleepless nights. She was a little off yesterday & when I say off I mean a teensy weensy bit grumpy but we put this down to missing her naps. We now know that it must have been due to the little tooth pushing it's way on up.
I got a little emotional about it
It feels too soon

I hate to rub it in but we have the coolest, most laid back baby I've ever encountered. Nothing fazes her. It hasn't been hard yet, I keep waiting for it to be difficult....

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