Tuesday, April 19, 2011

6 month update!

Happy half year baby girl!

I feel like you've reached so many milestones this month with so much more to come.
You had your first two bottom teeth come through without much drama, in fact we didn't even notice!
With your teeth, came the introduction of FOOD! You take after me in that you LOVE it! Not once have you screwed up your nose, you dig everything that comes your way including carrots, pumpkin, avocado, kumara, apple, pear, banana & courgettes! I'm probably a little guilty of over feeding you as you don't seem to turn your head away & I just keep on feeding you! I was a little afraid that you might go off the boob a bit but that hasn't happened. You're still happily munching away on 4-5 boob feedings a day.
As of last week you're sitting up by yourself without falling forward, you even wiggled on your bum yesterday to try & get at something. I think crawling is not too far away, you're so determined & get so pissy when you can't reach something.
We took you on your first road trip last week & in true Isobel fashion you behaved brilliantly, as though you had done it all before. I'm glad for a nomad baby, I have so many ideas of family holidays in stall for you baby girl.
You've started to pack tantrums like a real toddler, Dad calls them your "scared homer" because you make a horrible sound similar to Homer Simpson that I dare say, can be extremely annoying! Along with the tantrums have come the throwing of toys on the floor. We pick them up for you only to have you throw them right back down again.
But you're still cute & you know it!

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