Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Family Holiday (photos galore)

I've dropped a bomb...of the photo type. I apologise in advance.
In what seems to be our way of dealing with life's lemons, we decided to take an impromptu family holiday to make up for the fact that we're now jobless. Gareth's parents live well up north & we haven't been up there since before Isobel was born so naturally that was the first place we thought of.
The first hurdle: an 8hr roadtrip with a 6mth old. The solution: Take heaps of breaks...we stopped at my aunties on the way up for a couple of hours & that seemed to make things a lot easier on Izzy. She had a slight meltdown at the end but luckily it was at the end. On the way back we travelled at night with one boob stop 3 hours in. Izzy slept the entire time so that's definitely the option next time we travel. She must be a natural nomad which is great.
The entire holiday was spent walking (as the numerous photos of Isobel in a frontpack allude to), eating & catching up with family. It was the first meeting between cousins, so cute to watch them suss each other out. The weather was remarkably warmer than what we've been having in Taranaki so it was nice to kick about in barefeet & tees. Isobel had her first feet dip in the ocean, loved it! Gareth also dressed her up as a fortune teller if you're wondering about the photo below.
Great break & now we're on the job hunting train...again.

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