Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Projects Projects & more projects

I sort of got told off by Gareth the other day, he *jokingly* said to Isobel that "your mum is very good at coming up with ideas." This was a dig at the fact that I'm constantly coming up with grand projects whether it be new things for the house, sewing projects, business plans. I'm brilliant at starting 100 projects at one time & never finishing any of them. Sound familiar to anyone?

So, I'm trying to put an end to that & stick to one or two projects at a time. I'm also writing a list of all the projects I want to start so I don't forget what I've come up with.
Where do you guys come up with your grand plans?
It's always been the shower or in the car for me, the two places where I don't have a notebook on hand so I've often forgotten before I get the chance to write it down. I even pondered getting a white board pen for the shower at one point. So ridiculous.
Anyway, today I did NOT stick to my new resolution & I finally learnt how to do granny squares

My next project is a big granny throw for our new couch that we inherited on Sunday. Love the style but not so much the fabric, it's a little worn & it's not worth it to get recovered.

It's been raining here lately & I'm starting to feel winter coming on. Bubs & I are not very good at being cooped up all day, I'm not looking forward to the cold months up ahead. It tends to rain a lot here so it can get pretty miserable.
Anyone have any good play time tips for 7mth+ babies when stuck in the house?

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