Monday, May 23, 2011

Closer to a year

Eek! Seven months have now gone by. Isobel, you are closer to turning one year than you are from when you were born. It feels like I only just wrote up the last update, yet so much has changed in only a month.
It feels like you're becoming more of a little girl & leaving the little baby behind. Changes happen daily lately, and while they're not huge milestones, they're enough to make me realise that she is more aware of everything around her than ever before.

A few firsts this month:

* She sat in the big kids booster swing at the park
* First time sitting in the trolley at the supermarket
* She started feeding herself: Toast, Mandarins, Carrots, Capsicum, Pasta & Broccoli
* Rolled from tummy to back, but only a few times so far
* Started vocalising a whole heap with goos & gaas & more recently "mamamamamamama!"
* moved to three meals a day but still feeding from the boobies just as much, no hurry for this girl
* she has started giving things to us, such as her shoes to chew on when she is chewing on them
*Imitation seems to be your latest thing, we find you trying to do everything we are such as mouth clicking and fake coughing.
* Wanting to touch & have everything! My phone went to cell phone heaven, death by baby drool
*Shuffling in a full 360 but still no crawling
*Playtime is now better because she can sit, she ends up sitting & pulling everything out of her toy box, it entertains her for ages
*Grabbing & pulling at faces; she loves to lean backwards when you're cuddling her, take a big look at your face & touch noses, glasses, hair and stubble. She even noticed the braces on my step sister's teeth & just had to have a little touch
* greater control over her movement, the little index finger & thumb come out & picks tiny bits of fluff up off the carpet & she really enjoys the books that have lots of different textures to touch
* she had started to wobble around while sitting & shakes her head from side to side when we dance around her
*she is becoming more of her own person & I can already see struggles for independence & tantrums beginning even at this young age

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