Sunday, May 15, 2011

The week gone by...

I've been a bit of a slacker on the ole blog this past few weeks. I've been reading everyone elses & paying no attention to mine. Not sure why that is but I guess I've just been focusing on creative things around the home & spending some time with my little girl. She turns 7mths this week & that freaks me out! She's growing so fast & changing like you wouldn't believe, it scares me that these moments don't last forever & I'm a little paranoid that I don't spend enough quality time with her. I'm not even sure what that constitutes & know that I'm just being ridiculous but sometimes I'll quickly check my facebook or something & leave her to it on the ground playing,  she'll be happy but I get the guilts anyway. I know that it is good for kids to have a little time on their own to develop their own skills & learn to play by themselves but how much time do we need to be engaging with them as well? Can you go overboard? Is parenting just non stop paranoia that you're constantly doing things wrong? Eek. This kind of thinking is kinda of like "what comes first, the chicken or the egg?" or when I think of human kind & the universe & how we came to be. It gives me a HEADACHE!
Anyway, we had a good week/weekend
Gareth bought a new 12 string guitar, my dad & two sisters came over for vege burgers on Friday night. The girl & I spent Saturday at home playing with mirrors & cellphones, made Isobel a pillowcase dress, Dad brought his new guitar round & bubi played in the case, hung at Mum's on Sunday & spent last night wrapping up season 7 of the X Files.

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