Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Babble V.3 Learning curves

Bringing up a baby seems to be all about learning along the way. You never really make many major mistakes but you continue to adapt & change as you realise that certain things work better for both you & the bubs.
I've felt lately that Isobel & I could benefit from more of a routine in our day. I've never been into really strict routines that dictate our entire day & lives, I don't want to become that mum that continuously gives up plans because the "baby is sleeping." However, I think that I can give Isobel a certain level of structure to her day while remaining flexible to go out & see friends & family. Lately we've had alot of family over & it has felt really hectic, I wasn't happy & neither was Isobel. So, come yesterday when the house was ours again I've worked on  structuring Isobels eating & napping times so that they're consistently around the same time every day. It's only day 2 but it seems to be working out quite well for now.

This is how it goes:

6-7am: Isobel wakes, boob feed & hangs in our bed till around 7.30am
8am: Solid feed
8.30am-9.30am: Playtime, nappy change
Between 9.30am-10am: Nap for around an hour
10.30am-11: Wakes, play & half a boob feed
11.30am-12.30pm: Solid feed, top up boob feed
12.30pm-2ish: Nap
2pm onwards: Play/Walk/Visit friends

I'm hoping she'll continue to sleep a couple of hours at lunch, if she does then she won't need a nap in the afternoon. If she only sleeps for an hour I would probably try & get her down around 3.30pm

2.30ish: Boob

5pm: Dinner

6.30pm: Bath, Boob, Book, Bed.

This will probably end up being our day when we hang at home, if we're out for the day she might have naps in the car or at friends houses, I would still like to have that flexibility on occasion. But as winter sets in we'll probably be spending a fair amount of our time inside & at home.

It will most likely go out the window tommorow when she throws a new curve ball at me!

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