Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Family times, Teething & a Chinese Garden

We've had Gareth's bro down with his family for the last week so it's been pretty full on around here. You know when you kinda agree to letting someone stay, thinking it'll be all right & then once they're here, you just want your house back? That was pretty much how I was feeling the last couple of days. They have two young kids so a family of four plus our little family in a two bedroom house was kind of nightmare. Add to that a teething baby who just wanted some alone time with her Mum & Dad & you've got quite the headache. We have created a quiet little home for Isobel because that's the way we live our lives. We don't have TV, we listen to a lot of music and a perfect day is kicking about at home & maybe going for a walk. I just don't think she could handle the noise & pace of a few extra bodies in our house, especially when she wasn't feeling too good. For the first time in Isobel's life we had a couple of really unsettled nights & it was frustating having to think about everyone else losing sleep when all you want to do is soothe & settle your little baby.
Having said that it is always nice to have family visit, I just don't think we can let everyone stay in our little home from now on. It's too small & we have to put Isobel first. If she's not feeling well, it's not fair to try & force her to socialise. She is a human after all & if it's exhausting for us than imagine what it must feel like for a little baby.
Today was a good day, Isobel had come out of the dark days & was back to her happy self again. We were going to go to the big Zoo that has lions & stuff but it was closed so we visited the little free Zoo instead. It takes about half an hour to walk around & only has a handful of animals but I always enjoy it. The bonus is that it's on the edge of our main park so you can go for a big walk around the lake at the same time. Gareth saw this little Chinese garden last time we went there so we made sure to visit it today. It was small, but the Rotunda was kinda cool.
The cool weather is starting to creep in & there is finally a little bit of snow on the mountain that looks like it may be here to stay. I always love the crisp sunny winter days down here, it was something I missed while living in Auckland.
I just realised how silly those black tights look with my dress, I look a little bag lady-ish; won't be repeating that outfit choice again!

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