Thursday, June 30, 2011


We haven't been getting up too much lately, just hanging around, eating a lot & enjoying the days without rain. We've all been a little bit sick, not completely but just little sniffles, enough to make you a little lazy & uninspired. I'm well overdue for Isobels 8 month write up, will hopefully get that up in a few days...

She's been adorable lately, getting so fun to play with. We usually end up just rolling about the floor with her while she eats our faces & hair & tries to rip Dads teeth out. Soaking up the last few weeks before Gareth has to start studying & we won't have him at home most days.

Tired mum face, cute baby face
Being silly on mum in your new overalls
Hanging out at Grandads house

Chasing the Cat & exploring the kitchen
Dancing along to Dads songs, her favourite past time

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