Friday, July 1, 2011

Hey Mrs Tambourine Wo-man

Lame title I know...

It's pretty much a given that Miss Isobel WILL love/play/appreciate music. I was surrounded by music as a child & Gareth makes & plays his own tunes so we're pretty nuts about it. I think Music is so important in a childs life. It can be playful but also comforting & it develops closer relationships with those around you. I can see this when I watch Gareth play the guitar to her. She sits & watches, enthralled & recently she just came up with her own little sitting dance. It's freakin adorable.

Last night she played with Daddys old guitar & I noticed something that popped up again today when she stood (FOR THE FIRST TIME) by herself at Gareths amp & played with his MIDI

She has natural piano hands

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