Sunday, July 3, 2011

winter walk

We've been having the best weather at the moment...crisp sunny days, cold but refreshing. It's these days that make me love winter. I did a bit of shopping today, visited my grandmother & after nap we went for a bit of a late afternoon stroll around the lake to get some fresh air. We took a different route, had to walk through a paddock of cows & ended up in a weird fenced off man made plant area. Not sure where it was leading we kept on walking through the shrubbery before finding a chair & a path.
The lake was beautiful, so still it caught the reflection of the trees, Gareth & the mountain. We dreamed of summer & all the picnics we're going to have. I took a photo of the little jetty I'm in love with. I want a picnic there as soon as the weather is warm.
Now we're home, bubs is playing experimental guitar with dad & her drumstick & I'm making pizza. It's warm & cozy & I'm looking forward to snuggling in & watching a movie with my man tonight.

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