Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jack the Frost has come

I've been harping on for weeks now about how warm it still is, seriously though, it's half way through July & we have only had a few chilly days here & there. To be honest, I expected more. I guess it's because I've been living in Auckland for so long & have this rose tinted view of the chilly, sunny days that Taranaki have in the winter that Auckland fails to get. It's mostly rain & mugginess in Auckland, you never really get the briskness that comes with living a few hours south & a stone throw away from a mountain.

Anyway, for the last week we've had crazy thunderstorms & were locked up inside pretty much all week. Friday, the sun comes out & with it the chilly weather I've been waiting for. I was a little unprepared, the mornings are the worst. I had to quickly jump out of bed & get in my slippers & big woolly jersey this morning. It makes getting up near impossible, especially for a baby at 5.30am. I'm ashamed to say that I turned the oven on, opened the door at sat next to it this morning while having breakfast. That's the only drawback with out little house, the heating is non existent. They actually took the fire out when renovating (WTF?) & now we have to rely on crappy oil heaters that use up so much power. Our power bill was a little scary last month, I'm praying it's only for a couple of months because we can't afford it.

But I'm not complaining, well actually I am a little.

However, it's now 11am & it's absolutely beautiful outside. The chill has subsided & I just took Isobel for a little stroll to get this photo of the mountain.

We're off to Mum's for the day now & next week we're travelling up to Auckland for a little holiday. I can't wait!

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