Sunday, July 24, 2011

yep, it's cold.

Today winter officially hit town. It snowed half an hour down the road where my dad lives (it barely ever snows there) & the snow on the mountain is the lowest I've ever seen it. Gareth had his first day at school today so it was just me & the bubs. I was pondering whether to go out for a walk (was even pondering the sling), however I soon gave up on that idea when I popped out to put the washing up in the garage & realised how freaking cold it was! So, it was a hang inside kind of day.

We did some housework...for some reason Isobel liked lying on the ground with her head on the floor next to the vacumn. I wondered if it was the hum of it or the hot breeze blowing out of the back of it. Who knows with these babies?

Isobel then got clever & stood at the couch attacking the cat. That cat is so stupid, she never moves even though there is a scary child poking her eyes out.

I like Milk...well duh, we all know that
And that was our day
How was yours?

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