Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Could you spare us a cabbage or a pound of butter?

We had to take advantage of the snowfall before it disappeared so we drove down to my home town to check it out. I know it's not much but you have to understand that it NEVER snows in my town. I've never seen this much in my life, often we'd just get sleet & it would last till lunch time. This time the snow was actually still falling until 1 that day & it was still pretty thick when I arrived the next day. We walked up to my grandmothers house, the sun was shining & it was really warm. Bubs loved being in the sling & checking out the snow. God I love that sling...so much better than a pram. I only wished I had made one when she was a baby & didn't sleep in her cot EVER. We had a lovely lunch & Isobel had snuggles with my sister Emily & Nansie. She's been really snuggly lately, putting her head on your chest & holding on tight when you pick her up. I love it. We then went outside & had some photos taken in the snow. I wanted her to stand but she just wanted to sit in the snow & play with it. Walking back to my Dads I was glad we had come when we did, most of the snow had melted & I know we'll probably never experience such a snowfall again.

Didn't realise we looked like Russian war orphans until I saw this photo...

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