Monday, June 27, 2011


Today was good. Woke up & the sun was shining, not a cloud to be seen & a ton of fresh snow on the mountain. It's been holding out on us this winter, going into July & it's only just started getting cold. I never get tired of our mountain & am always excited to see snow on it. I also know that a clear morning is short lived & I've been dying to get a clean shot for weeks. So, I tried to rustle up the fams & get out of the house before the cloud came & took my mountain away. We did pretty well, out the door at 10am. Not good enough, the cloud had already seeped in, mountain still visible but only slightly.
We got up to the Mountain house, had a coffee & were on our way on one of the tracks. Went on this awesome little track with craggy looking trees, it was apparently called the "goblin forest." Gareth did pretty well navigating the track but we had to stop & turn back when faced with a metre long drop in the track that was probably wasn't safe with a baby in a front pack. Isobel was cute, she chatted most of the way & we played peek a boo behind the trees & ran around pretending to be horses. She seems to love that & one will do anything to entertain a child.
Really looking forward to tramping up there in the summer, it made me realise how much I love hiking around in forests & stuff.

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