Sunday, June 26, 2011

We need your help!

So, my little sister has been working on this epic dress design project for months now. It required her to make an outfit for a "client" & working with that client she had to get their feedback & ideas. She chose me as a client & I chose an outfit for Isobel's first birthday in October. I've been wanting to do a Secret Garden theme & wanted Isobel in a labybird themed dress. The only requirement: that she looked ridiculously cute.

This is where you guys come in. Part of the project was that she needed feedback from my wider community that was going to be loosely involved in the outfit somehow. She chose my blog as a wider community because I will most likely be putting the photos up on my blog of the party. To get better marks she needs some good feedback from my blog about the outfit.

I'm going to be posting some sneak peek photos of the outfit up on my blog tomorrow & it would be awesome if you could post some comments on the outfit. She needs kind of specific feedback so if you could mention why you like/dislike it, aspects of it that appeal to you, the functionality of it etc etc, anything that comes to mind!

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