Monday, August 1, 2011

Isobel, you are 9months old...


Your mum is useless or just really busy with YOU, I forgot to do an 8month write up so this will be a sort of a 2month combo.
You're hurdling straight to toddlerhood  more than ever now, the baby is being shed & the mischief is starting. I love how your cheeky personality has come out, you love to show off & play with everyone. This includes more recently pointing at everyone & waving hello & goodbye. You started clapping which I've been working on for soooooo long!
You have this adorable habit of resting your head to the side (like right to the side that you almost topple over) when looking at people. That seems to be everyones favourite trick.

You're becoming more mobile, the rolling was your favourite for so long & you were pretty good at would angle where you wanted to go & be off. However, in the last few weeks you have been rocking on your hands & knees & yesterday you took your first few crawling steps. You also like to get up on your feet with your hands still on the ground, it kind of looks like a yoga position but I know what you're up to: you're learning how to pull yourself up to a standing position. You have started pulling yourself up onto stools & small things, I love how you rest on your knees: so grown up! You are also very good at sitting up from lying down. You haven't yet started pulling yourself up in the cot but we have put you down to the lower position & sometimes you take your day naps on your tummy & will often have marks all over your face from the blankets.

I'm amazed at how quickly you pick things up & have become a bit more conscious of what we say around you. I've also started to point things out to you. One of your first words beside mamamamama & dadadadadad was "woof". And now every time I say "Dog" or point out a dog on the street or from a book you reply with "woof." I've also heard you trying to mimic the cat when she meows with a weird high pitched sound & last week I got out of the shower with you & said "brrrrr" you attempted that as well.

Dasha is your best friend, now that you crawl there will be no end to the torture for that cat. You hit her, suck her fur, play with her paws, poke her eyes & nose & sometimes, but only sometimes you pat her nicely.

Your eating has been going well, I'm pretty much just giving you finger food medleys these days as you enjoy playing & making a big ole mess & that's ok with me. I'm feeding you anything & everything, mostly what I eat except the sugar & the salt. You LOVE potatoes in any form, bananas & avocadoes, mandarins & pasta. Yesterday you had your first taste of sushi, you didn't trust it at first, I think the seaweed freaked you out but you soon got the hang of it & it was awesome to play with. You don't really get sandwiches yet, I think it's the soft bread, you kinda just rip it up in your hands & I think a bit got stuck to the roof of your mouth yesterday which you didn't like at all!

You love making noise, it's all about pots & pans, shakers, hitting things together & musical instruments. You love your tambourine, xylophone & Dad's guitar. You also love to dance & whenever we put music on or play guitars you'll shimmy up & down & shake your head side to side. It's freaking adorable.

The increasing mobility & independence has come with struggles & stubbornness. You complain a little more than usual & I reckon it's frustation in that fact that you can't voice what you want/need. You'll be talking soon enough baby girl & you can yell at Mum & Dad all you want then.

One thing you absolutely hate is getting dressed. It's a daily struggle, you push our hands away & cry when we lie you down. Now that you move more it takes so much longer, think naked baby making a dash for it. I've learnt to make more of a game of it & you seem to enjoy it a little more.
You also hate getting your face cleaned & will snatch the cloth off me & suck on it. More recently you have decided that you don't have time for the vacumn cleaner either.

You are forming really close bonds to those around you. You haven't different smiles & reactions to your aunties & grandparents. You've also become really shy around strangers & will hide your face in mum's chest around new faces.

Cuddles have come back, you often put your head on our shoulders & lay still for a few minutes, enjoying a little snuggle before you race off again. You also do this when you're tired now so I definitely know when it's nap time now!

Mum made you a sling this past month & you love it. Being close to Mum & being able to see everything is so much nicer than the crappy old pram. You've also made it a nice nap spot when we're out & about.

We took you on your second road trip to Auckland & you were a star. You hardly complained with all the late nights, missed day naps & new faces. My friends thought you were adorable!

I'm loving every moment with you little girl. You're becoming so fun & I can't believe how much you've changed our lives in just 9 months.

Love Mum

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