Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Well well well, I've been away for sometime. I've been reading all my blogs daily but just haven't had the energy or inspiration to write anything.
This is going to be a pretty crappy post, I've just put Isobel down for her nap, the house is a bomb site, I'm in my PJ's & there is washing to be done. I just thought I might check in quickly before I attempt all of the above in about 45mins. Ha!

We're just coming out on the brighter side of things after a week of colds. I wasn't sick but Gareth & Isobel were so I might have been as well. It hit G pretty bad, he spent all day yesterday in bed & has been pretty miserable. NO FUN AT ALL. Little Is woke up yesterday with her trademark watery, dozey eyes that she always gets when she's not well. She then slept for four hours & spent the rest of the time cuddling/sleeping on me. She seems ok today, I was wondering whether she was teething.

We've been hanging at home a lot lately, waiting for the summer. We had a massive cold snap where it snowed around the country so it was pretty unpleasant. I used to be a winter girl but lately I've been pining for the warmer weather. I think it's to do with having a child...there are so many better things to do in the sun with a kid. I'm hanging out for walks, picnics & the beach & she is going to be so much FUN this summer.

Isobel is getting so much easier to play with, now that she's crawling she spends a lot of time investigating the house on her own. It's meant I can do a few more things around the house while she gets into everything. She's pretty fun to play with too, I end up just letting her jump all over me or I chase her round the house.

Friends have been lacking lately, they're unreliable & I've come to realise that I can't base my life around waiting for people to visit or get in touch. I've been feeling the need for a bit of social contact & have tried to go along to some playgroups but none of the ladies seem to be that friendly & they're not really into the same things as me. You hear of all these life long friendships being made in these types of groups but I ain't seeing it. I think it's a bit of a myth. So, I'm learning to enjoy my time with Isobel, she'll grow up before I know it & all these things will seem so trivial.

One thing that I have been enjoying taking Isobel to is Music class. It's just down the road and you just do some sing & dance with your child. Isobel seems to love it, she's such a music lover. They have pretty cool props that they use & she loves being around all the other children.

And, I finally got my sewing machine fixed so am in the process of making some summer dresses for the little girl. I've also started to sell some of my headbands & things on facebook. The link is here if you want to have a look. The plan is to start selling on etsy & things but I'm just waiting on a few things for that. I'm not sure if it will even take off but it keeps me busy doing crafty things so I'm happy with that.

Well, I'm off to get a million things done in 30 minutes...

The little bit of snow we just had...

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