Thursday, September 1, 2011

waiting for summer

I had to laugh when I read all of my favourite blogs this morning. Everyone is hanging out for fall. Previously I was a winter girl but since being a mummy I find myself waiting for the warmer days. It just feels like you can do so much more with kids in the summer.

Isobel is proving to be a real outdoor kid. She'll be in the shittiest mood & all I have to do is get her over the road at the park & she'll be happy again.

Her favourite thing to do at the moment is play in the bark, she moves it around with her hands & lets it fall from high up & then she eats it. I'm constantly having to take little bits of bark out of her mouth. So gross. Why do kids eat everything!

Yesterday we walked down to the beach; I was going to let her play in the sand for a bit but when we got down there it was so freaking windy that we decided on kicking about at the park down there.

I touched up the photos with Pixlr, I've seen a few bloggers using it lately. It has some quite cool vintage effects but I'm not sure I would use it all the time. You can't adjust the levels & some of the photos just seemed too saturated.

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