Saturday, September 3, 2011

We love this man

Happy Father's Day Gareth
We love you more than anything.

You sometimes doubt your ability as a father but I know better. That fact that you doubt yourself makes you a better dad. Isobel adores you. I know this when she rushes to see who is coming through the door each night. The smile she gives you in the morning or when you hop in the car when we pick you up from work or school. The squeals of laughter when you play her favourite chasing game, the "dadadadadadadad" she says all day long. When she goes up to your photo on the wall & points to you saying "dadadadad".

Thankyou for working your butt off to give us a better life, thankyou for the roof over our head & the food on the table.

You couldn't be a better dad if you tried.

You already are.

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