Friday, September 30, 2011

Not all bugs are cute

Grrr to a crappy week.
It started out good. Bubs & I drove to Auckland with my Mum & sisters to take my youngest sister to an appointment. We stayed with my auntie in Hamilton for the night & it was nice catching up. She's recovering from breast cancer so it's always nice to see her having some fun with Isobel. Let me just say, Isobel is an awesome traveller. We drove 3.5 hours on Monday, stayed in Hamilton for the night, then drove an hour to Auckland, hung out for a couple of hours & then drove 5 hours home & this girl only got pissy for about quarter of an hour when she wanted boob. I would have totally understood if she had broken down, its a long way for the little girl & I was kind of worried about going in the first place.
We got home & then got the news that Gareth's step grandma had died so we had to deal with trying to organise a trip back to Whangarei for the funeral on Friday. This would have been another 16hour drive within a couple of days so straight away we decided that Isobel & I would stay home. We couldn't put her through another trip like that in a week. Gareth was stressed with a major test & assignment for school & he couldn't afford to take any time off work so it really was going to be a whirlwind trip. In the end he decided to stay home which was just as well because Wednesday night our little girl came down with a nasty stomach virus. I popped into her room before I went to bed to check on her as I normally do & found her sleeping in her vomit. So, we woke her & started the cleaning up process. Every 15 mins or so she would vomit again, this went on for about an hour. We decided to stick her in our bed so we could check on her, she slept through to the morning. The weird thing is that you wouldn't have known she was sick. Still happy as normal, clapping singing etc. so I sort of went on thinking she was OK. However, she would power chuck her milk at certain times (not every time  & then came the diarrhoea. Friday morning, I awoke vomiting & felt like death warmed up. I spent the entire day on the couch, barely able to move or eat all while trying to look after a little one. Gareth was great, got up did more washing & tried to clean the place up. Isobel wasn't OK, she was lifeless & limp & really unresponsive. I've never seen her like that ever & it really worried us. We decided to take her into the doctors. They determined that it was just a bug & gave us some juice that helps to line her stomach but basically we just had to ride it out. Today, Gareth is in bed with the evil bug, I'm better & our little girl is slowly on the mend. She's happier, still has diarrhoea but looks like she's getting better.
I can tell you one thing...having a sick child totally breaks your heart. They're so helpless & have no idea what is going on. I hate seeing something take the life out of my usually happy, bouncy, silly little girl. I know I have years of this to come & I'll try to be stronger but I guarantee it'll break my heart every time.
Bring on a better next week please.

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