Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our town

The sun came out & it finally warmed up after a crappy week of spring weather. Rain/shine/wind all at once mean't that Isobel & I were pretty much cooped up the entire week.
With a burst of spontaneity I packed a picnic dinner (Cannelloni: not really picnic friendly) & picked up Gareth from work informing him of our plans.
We hit up our local park which had a light trial on for World cup. There were ducklings out & Isobel was loving it in her new back pack. She is so not digging the pram at the moment, I think she enjoyed seeing everything from our view. She dug into the hot chips, grabbing handfuls but only taking a bite out of each. There were half eaten morsels everywhere.
It's so nice knowing she's getting older & you can take her out more in the evenings without the world coming to an end. We're over winter
Bring on summer.

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