Saturday, October 29, 2011

A ladybird party

Little girl's party was Monday. I had hoped for fine weather so we could have a front yard party but the weather looked a little dodgy so we opted for an indoor affair in our comfortable (make that tiny) quarters. Fine for 3, not so fine for 20. But we survived, the sun came out towards the afternoon so we were able to stage the party in three areas; lounge, dining & outdoor. I had grand ideas of singing Happy Birthday, feeding bubs her first cupcake but it all went by the wayside. People were happy to relax & enjoy each others company so I left it at that.
I roped Gareth & his Dad into blowing up balloons the night before so Isobel came out in the morning to see balloons everywhere. She loved them & spent most of the morning pummelling through them. It also meant that she knew something was about to go down, this made trying to get an early nap in impossible so we had a sleepless Bubi for the day. Luckily for us there was so much going on she forgot about being tired.
I'm lame & didn't get photos of the awesome cupcakes my sister made or the table set up. I'm no good at documenting things!
Isobel was given so many gifts, I can't believe how generous everyone was. She now has an entire summer wardrobe sorted as well as toys galore.
The day was ended with a big walk before she flaked out on me later that evening.
Overall, it was a great day spent with family & friends celebrating the greatest year of our lives so far.

Happy Birthday baby girl

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