Thursday, October 27, 2011

My god, you're a Onesie old!


I'm slack, too busy with you to update this blog. You'll forgive me right?
Well well, you've turned 1.
You are plummeting full steam ahead towards the exciting yet challenging times of a toddler. We've experienced a few tantrums already & that independent streak has surfaced well & truly.
But for all the challenges we welcome everyday, this is my favourite age yet. You are aware of your surroundings & have developed the loveliest relationships with those close to you. I love seeing the way you smile at Dad & say "Dada" whenever he walks in the door or when you come into our bed in the morning & tap him gently on the back to wake up. You have the biggest smiles for your aunties & have become more playful with them. Playing with their hair & climbing all over them.
You're crawling like a maniac as well as pulling yourself up onto EVERYTHING. Lately you've been letting go & standing on your own for little periods of time. You're so proud of yourself; looking over at us with a big grin each time. Yesterday you managed a few hurried steps before diving into my arms. It won't be long before you're walking & running & a world of possibilities will open up yet again for you.
But for all the exploring Mum is always on your radar & you have become a little more clingy despite being able to move more. You'll be playing happily with Dad but the minute Mum walks out you'll be up following me  whether it be to sit outside the bathroom door & cry or stand up holding onto the backs of my legs while I try & cook dinner.
You're still being breastfed & this is going to stay for a while longer. Just in the last few weeks you have been wanting more & I haven't said no. You've also taken to waking up again during the night but that's ok, Mum mostly enjoys those little feedings when everything else is quiet & you're extra cuddly.
You have a healthy appetite for a preference for peanut butter sandwiches & oranges. You've become a little picky, liking carrots one day but not the next. If you don't like something you will drop it off the side of the highchair.
You've moved to one nap a day just after lunch, it's quite nice being able to take you out in the morning without you getting overly grumpy. We tend to do all of our activities then whether it be music class, swimming or a walk. Mostly you sleep for about an hour and a half & you'll wake up in the cutest mood, standing up in your cot with a huge grin for Mum when she comes in to get you.
You're not a fan of going to bed at night & we've had to let you cry a little each night lately because no amount of books or lullabies will get you to bed happily. I've also taken to leaving your sheets off until later in the night because you are a bit of an acrobat, often ending up at the other end of your cot, on your tummy & at weird angles.
It's amazing how much you are picking up each day & I swear you understand every word we say. Your little vocab consists of woof, meow, bird, taaaa, poo, boo, Dada, Mum, chicken, dog, cat. You say "awww" and give things like teddys, blankets & cushions cuddles. You also like to say "godda godda godda" all the time. We're not too sure what that means.
You LOVE books especially the ones with touchy feely spots, I love sticking you on my lap & reading to you quietly in the afternoon. It's about the only time you're still & quiet during the day. You'll often pull your books out & sit by yourself flicking the pages. You often crawl into your room for a bit of alone time. It feels weird leaving you in there but you're quite happy investigating all the toys in your toy box or pulling the books off your bookshelf.
You're a bit of a comedian & love to play up to an audience pulling ridiculous faces at the dinner table whenever someone is around for tea.

I'm so excited for the next year & all the hilarity it will bring. You have made our lives so much better, I can't imagine what I'd be doing without you in it.

Love Mum & Dad

A few firsts in the last couple of months:

You had your first stomach bug...Yuck! We didn't like that!
We bought you your very own bike seat for the back of Mum's bike
You went swimming at the local pool & got your first pair of swimming togs
Had your first birthday party

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