Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Weekend

This post was written over a week so effectively it's from last weekend...

Holy Cow we had a big one!
For once in our quiet lives we had a full on weekend...this doesn't happen too often. Note: We have no life, this may be a result of having a child or being anti-social nerds with no friends.
Saturday was my uncle Ian's 60th. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that it would be a late one so having got home from shopping in the afternoon I had the plan of putting her down for a nap later so that she would sleep later & this would allow for us to stay out later. It worked! It was a great night; catching up with family we don't see that often & eating good food. Isobel was a good girl; playing with her second cousins & crawling around being cute during speeches. She had herself a little chocolate ball & went a little nuts for a bit which was entertaining to watch. We left at 9 & she went down happily at 10 which is sooooo late for her!
Fast forward to Sunday morning 5.30am, we're up & ready for a 5 hour trip to Wellington for my cousin's wedding. We stopped in Wanganui at this beautiful park where they have with this massive lake & played for a bit. The weather was perfect for once (we've had a crappy spring!)
We got to Wellington at lunch & then had to get ready & drive another hour to the wedding. Thank god bubi flaked out as she had hardly slept on the way down & I knew there would be another late night for her.
The wedding was lovely, set in a lovely old church with wooden structures & stained glass windows. We parked ourselves down the back with numerous other parents; we've come to the realisation that this is our lot for public things from now on. They had a whole heap of toys set up so that entertained Isobel for a little bit. Luckily the wedding didn't go for too long, I had to take her outside a couple of times as she was getting a little grizzly. Afterwards there was a little bit of standing around (as there always is with weddings!) & Isobel was starting to get really ratty at this point so I kinda wanted to make a hasty exit. Finally we left to make our way to the reception, we checked out a bit of Wellington on the way & had ideas of moving there but eventually gave up on that with all the freaking wind. So annoying, it would literally drive me insane. The reception was nice, the food was awesome & we stayed as long as we could. Isobel was doing ok considering, she got a bit grumpy at times & wanted to breastfeed constantly. We did alot of walking around out back & missed a few of the speeches. At about 9 we left to drive back to the motel & the little rockstar fell asleep with her guitar.
The drive home the next day was uneventful, we really wanted to stop at this American diner but it was closed. I can't stress enough the disappointment with this. I wanted my burger, fries & milkshake!! We stopped over in Palmerston North to visit an old friend of mine. She's just had a baby & it was so nice to catch up. We then pondered moving to PN also as she and her husband could be our only friends. Note: we are losers.
Isobel is a demon to take to other peoples homes. I spend most of my time trying to put everything up that she makes a bee line for. After that we drove straight home after some lunch at a lovely church cafe, Isobel slept most of the way & it was so nice to get home.

We realised that we love our little home here in NP, we're close to the beaches & family & won't be moving anytime soon.

Getting on it! Bad parents alert!!

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