Thursday, February 17, 2011

A bit of Random

Do you ever get bored & uninspired by your wardrobe? That seems to be me at the moment. I'm in this dilemma where I've had a lot of my clothes for years & while I love them, I'm starting to feel boring & frumpy. Breastfeeding doesn't help. I have to be on the look out for clothes that either button up or can lower easily at the front otherwise I run the risk of showing off my rolls & much more when feeding Isobel in public.
I can't seem to find anything inspiring while out shopping & I haven't found any great op shops/vintage stores in my new town (if there are any).
Sooooo....I find myself trying to vamp up what I've got & wear it a little differently than before, while rummaging through my wardrobe this morning I found these little shoes that I LOVE but never wear. Do you have a similar item in yours?
They're kinda 60's beach style but Gareth also informed me they're kinda grungy also. I always put them on but never have the guts to wear them out, I always think I look too dressed up.
I'm going to try & resurrect them with a few of my outfits, I may just post some photos of my efforts & let you guys decide whether I should keep them.

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