Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee Group NOT in pictures

Well, I had intended to take photos of our coffee group actually meeting today, you know little shots of babies & mums enjoying company together. However, I totally forgot to snap amidst the chaos of babies & mums enjoying company together so all you get are a few shots of the baking & tea I prepared beforehand.

Bubs & I also decided to take a quick stroll down to the village shops, I haven't really taken her out much in the front pack so decided to try it out. Twas a success, she loved looking at everything & making friends with all the shopkeepers. I was keen on buying some fabric & patterns from the local vintage shop but returned home only with some baby sunscreen (a must!) & one of my favourite mags (also a must!). Bubs fell asleep in the front pack on the way home (hat covering her entire face) & gareth
surprised me by coming home early, very nice day.

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