Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Silence: Naughty

Isobel has reached a rather curious stage of play development. It's the pull everything apart for no apparent reason play. This usually involves the bookshelf; where she will pull every book off one by one, not intending to read any of them, the washing piles; where she systematically pulls each freshly folded item off the pile & discards & her toys: each toy comes out of the toy box & is quickly thrown away.
Often she will crawl down the hallway & I'll leave her to it knowing she can't get into any real trouble. However, I've learnt recently that as soon as it gets a little too quiet she's more often than not up to something naughty. I've found her in the bathroom shredding toilet paper to tiny pieces & trying to put her hand down the loo. And just the other day I found this:

Every single wipe from the packet pulled out & discarded. When I found her she had one in mouth but she ran away before I could take a photo.

The joys of parenthood.

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